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Structural Engineer
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Outsource Structural Engineering Design Services



The recruitment of staff is expensive, time consuming and involves a certain amount of risk. If you are a large, medium or small size civil & Structural engineering practice with a very busy office and would like to eliminate the risk and time spent on advertising and recruitment, reduce operational costs, improve profit margins and strengthens customer relationships, free up capital and human resources so your company can focus more on core competencies; or give your company a competitive advantage and helps the company operate more efficiently and cost-effectively.



Outsourcing some of your project works will offer an efficient and cost effective solution to staffing problems and can save your company the time and money. Lower your structural design services costs and win more business! and saves precious time and money.


By outsourcing your design work and design related requirements to AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol, you can save up to 60% on your total project cost and bring value to outsourcers in a long-term perspective.


AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol take-on an outsourcing service from clients enabling them to operate on a more efficient and cost effective basis. We provide service at competitive rates to assist with peaks in workload, to cover for periods of absence or during difficulties with recruitment.


Majority of our work is within our office, we are also able to undertake commissions on

our clients’ offices if required and on a ‘remote’ basis. This usually relates to contracts where continuous contact with the client organisation is not required, or where there are space limitations.


We provide an integrated quality service ensuring our clients achieve best value.

AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol staff provides expertise and offers a flexible service which can be tailored to the client’s needs.


AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol can start your project at short notice and finish as soon as the work is complete. AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol offer a continuity of resources from one project to another depending on the client’s needs.


AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol has a highly skilled team of designers and engineers who can provide you detailed design service of structures in a quick session of time. This will not only allow you to concentrate more on your core business activities, but can also help you to remain ahead of your competitors!!!

We deeply evaluate what is required by the customer and according to his or her specifications we can expand realistic solutions so that our customer always gets better benefits. While market-leading design and analysis software is used to assist our highly-motivated engineers, Structural Engineer Bristol, solutions are rooted in sound engineering judgement and technical expertise, ensuring that high-quality designs are achieved leading to economic structures.

A professional,

friendly approach to relationships and service delivery is central to the way we operate also, our joint working and supportive approach to customers helps us to get recognition in this particular area of services. AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol makes every effort to provide efficient design services by constantly raising our standards. Our expert designers are well experienced and have depth knowledge in the field of design and construction services.

we will ensure that your ideas or design concepts are translated into an economic design. AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol believes that much of our success is attributable to the excellence of our staff. Our reputation is based on the expertise of flexible professionals who put the customer first.

To get an instant quote follow the link request quotation or email AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol your requirements at: info@structuralengineerbristol.com or you can phone:         (0044) 07811451261 , to arrange for us to visit your office to discuss your requirement and agree a framework.


Outsource Structural Engineering Design Services


We undertake conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects in the areas of Structural Engineering Design and analysis. While endeavouring to maintain your company standards in quality, our structural engineering team strives to reduce product design cycle time as well as ensure cost effectiveness.

We support all phases of the structural engineering design process, right from design to construction stage. We cover large variaty projects from: Residential, Commercial Buildings, Industrial, Education, Public and Healthcare.


We carryout both design elements and analysis using industry standard design and finite element tools. We also use tools built in-house. to cover: 

  • RC structures
  • Masonry structures
  • Timber structures
  • Steel structures
  • Steel connections
  • Composite structures

AlphaTotas Structural Engineer Bristol, believe that Outsourcing

Will help you save up to 60% of your total costs, maximize your revenue, minimize your expenses and enabled you to concentrate more on your core business?

AlphaTotas will give you access to high-quality services at a cost-effective price.


With this you will see a big increase in your profits, productivity, level of quality, business value, business performance and much more. Outsourcing can help you see an increase in almost every aspect of your business.


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